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Peak Performance Philosophy


Pillar One: The Foundation

It is impossible to reach peak performance in your sport without having a solid foundation in Mindfulness and Breath Work. The best of the best know that it doesn't matter how fit or talented you are on the field if your mind is a mess. Mindfulness and Breath are your superpowers. They act as a parachute to slow things down and bring you back into the present moment so you can respond versus react when the game doesn’t go your way.


Pillar Two: Everything is Connected

Peak Performance is conditional on Body Awareness. Body Awareness helps to keep you safe by learning the difference between a tweak and a pop, or soreness versus a strain. We accomplish this by teaching you how to ground yourself on the field, how to become aware of what’s happening in your body, and where your body is in time and space when competing. The more Body Awareness you possess, the greater the chance you have at performing at a higher level. 


Pillar Three: It’s all about the WHY

When you know why you play, have clear goals, and a purpose to keep yourself grounded in the present moment, you’re able to reach peak performance. We’ve found it’s not uncommon when you’ve played your entire life to lose your love of the game or forget why you started. Pillar three is all about teaching you simple tricks so you tap into your WHY, find your love of the game again, and show up with renewed passion on the field.


Pillar Four: Tame the Voice

Your biggest opponent is not the other team, it is your inner critic. We all have one.  Listening to your inner critic is the quickest way to sabotage your abilities. We teach you techniques to recognize when your inner critic shows up at those inopportune times and stop it dead in its tracks so you can focus on the opponent on the court.


Pillar Five: Being a Badass

You can’t perform at your Peak without confidence. Confidence is not something that is innate, it has to be built on a continual basis. This pillar is dedicated to giving you strategies to continually build your confidence bank account. You have a hidden badass inside and we can help bring it out, so everyone else knows it too.

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Pillar Six:  Shit Happens

Mistakes happen, challenges arise and setbacks occur. You’re not immune from them, on or off the field. Using our signature techniques, we help you understand that it is not the mistake that is important, but how you respond to the event that is critical. We all know once you derail there’s no coming back. Pillar six teaches you how to recognize when you’re about to spin out, stay present, and move on when shit happens, because the only way to change the outcome of a game is to stay in the moment, not get stuck in the past or worried about the future.

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