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Learn the little-known secrets to consistently play at your best that have nothing to do with your skill or strength.

(All In Just Ten Minutes A Day)

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Physical abilities and
talent are meaningless if
you have a messy mind.

Without Peak Flow, competing looks like:

• Getting consistently derailed by your inner critic


• Struggling with confidence when things don't go your way


• Being unable to mentally recover from errors or mistakes


• Consistently struggling with injuries and setbacks

Introducing Peak Flow. Your All-In-One Solution to Consistent Peak Performance


Hundreds of athletes, parents, and coaches across multiple sports are using Peak Flow to play with more confidence, gain scholarships, and win championships.


Sam Pelcher- Goalkeeper, Keuka College

Before working with Lucinda I had lost my love for soccer and was struggling to find my passion and confidence and it was showing in my performance. I was constantly in my head and worried about making mistakes.

After working with Lucinda everything changed. Not only did I find my love and passion for the  game, but my renewed confidence is allowing me to play at my highest level. I'm able to stay in the moment during games and practices. Without the tools Lucinda's given me I wouldn't be a successful college athlete


Shawn Burke-
Head Coach,
Women's Soccer,
University of Buffalo

Before working with Lucinda, we knew something was missing. We were missing the vulnerability which ultimate leads to unwavering trust. We were coming off two really successful season that found us coming up just short. We couldn’t figure out the missing piece to get us over the hump. The team struggled with rising to big moments. 

Lucinda was the missing piece. She created a safe space for the players which allowed them to be vulnerable, ultimately building trust amongst the group. They genuinely looked forward to every session with Lucinda as she gave them the tools and practices be their best self as well as a better teammate.

Because of Lucinda, UB Women’s Soccer was MAC Champions again! She took a very successful group and elevated them to a record setting season. Her ability to strengthen the mental head space of our athletes, create an unbreakable locker room and develop student-athlete’s to be their best version is second to none. She armed us with the tools to navigate the demands of Division I athletics.


Umbreen- Mother of a High School Soccer Player

Extracurricular activities and sports provide kids with valuable opportunities for personal growth, leadership skills, self-confidence, resilience, and friendships. However, these outlets can sometimes bring challenges. Mindfulness is a crucial life skill that helps navigate these challenges.

In just 18 months of working with Lucinda, my daughter, a student athlete with a strong work ethic, experienced tremendous growth.

The greatest gifts my daughter received were self-awareness, improved communication skills, and the confidence to face difficult situations gracefully. Her performance and happiness increased, and our parent-child relationship also improved.

It's frustrating when the countless hours you spend in the gym, watching film and on the practice field don’t consistently translate into wins on the field.

It feels no matter how hard you work, there always seems to be a missing link that allows you to consistently perform at your highest level. It can cause you to feel burnt out, frustrated that your hard work isn’t paying off and you can even lose your passion for the game that has given you so much.


I get it. I grew up as a fierce competitor, and even though I had the talent and drive to set my sights on the Olympics, my mind and self-doubt prevented me from performing at my peak and letting my talent shine. I eventually walked away from a sport that I loved because I couldn’t get my mind right. This knowledge is what fuels my purpose today. I help athletes transform their story on and off the field by teaching them how training the mind will transform their athletic performance.  I believe that it doesn't matter how much talent you possess, if you don't train your brain you will not be able to reach peak performance. 

Unlock the secrets to peak performance and beat the real opponent on the field- your mind.

Each of the Six Pillars of Peak Flow teach you the mental skills necessary to overcome your biggest obstacle to success- yourself... and finally grow your confidence and passion to perform at your peak and win more games.



Co-Existing with Your Inner Critic

by Lucinda Snyder


Understanding Your Inner Critic's Language

by Lucinda Snyder


Your Inner Critic's BFF

by Lucinda Snyder

Use it anywhere, anytime- at home, on the way to the game, or in the locker room!

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Jinan Clark- High School/ College Soccer Player

Before working with Lucinda I had lost my love for soccer and was struggling to find my passion and confidence and it was showing in my performance. I was constantly in my head and worried about making mistakes.


Before I started working with Lucinda I was in my head all the time, making it hard to play because I got caught up in the little mistakes and listened to every little thing my coach yelled at me. It was really hard for me to let go and just play because I believed the things I heard.


Working with Lucinda was like starting over. I think because I had been playing soccer for so long and because I am so hard on myself, I needed a new outlook.I loved the yoga and the breathing techniques because it was something I could physically do. 


The work I did with Lucinda helped me play more confidently. I believe I played my best soccer this year.  


Greg Margolis- Head Coach, Buffalo State University Women's Soccer

Before working with Lucinda, the team was very committed and excited about what we have been building, but we had challenges dealing with hard conversations with each other.


We are a younger team, especially with a big first year class who have spent the better part of the last 3 years in a virtual environment due to covid, so being able to let small things go and work through difficult situations has been tough.


Lucinda was very communicative through the whole process. She would provide feedback when necessary for myself and my assistant to bring into our practice environments and she would ask really good questions to make sure we were providing the best experience for the players.


The team LOVES her. Having a space that is free for them to express themselves, their feelings, their hopes, and their faults was incredible. Lucinda made it very applicable and there was an immediate team dynamic shift when she started working with us. 


As a result of Lucinda working with the team, I have never seen a team as close and connected as this one during my time as a collegiate coach.


Peyton Miller- Keuka College Women's Soccer

Before working with Lucinda the constant negativity of my inner critic was incredibly evident. Seldom was it ever positive, and I could hear all of these negative comments about my performance whether it was during a game or after.


My sessions with Lucinda allowed me to talk about what  most people don't talk about and I was able to learn to recognize when I was not present. Lucinda helped me practice ways to ground myself through meditations, breathing or even running to a song to keep going


Now I recognize when I am not present or my inner critic gets loud it is easier to adjust during a game. Not only am I able to apply the skill to soccer but my daily life and am reaching more of my goals.

Peak Flow Rookie Package

  • Unlimited access to Peak Flow Pillars

  • Integration Workbook

  • 30 min intro call

  • 6 months access billed upfront


Regular Price $597

Sale Price $297

It's time to leave behind inconsistent performance on the field.
Use Peak Flow to gain the consistency and confidence you need to reach peak performance & find out how far you can go in your sport.
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