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My Sport

Yep, that is me. My sport. My team was a 1200 pound animal that I sat on top. Together we could fly. It was magical. And then it wasn't. Why ? I let my head get in the way. I listened to the narrative that I created. To be perfectly honest I didn't train my mind, I wasn't mentally strong.

I always wanted to ride in the Olympics. Even though I had the talent I didn't have the mindset. Maybe this is why I am passionate about helping athletes understand that mindset is key to reaching the top, whatever that is for them. I often wonder how far I could have gone if I knew then what I know now.

If someone had taught me mental skills, how to connect to my breath, and stay in the moment. I wonder how the relationship with my horses would have been different. And then I think, no I am right where lam supposed to be, giving today's athletes the tools to chase their dreams. Talent doesn't trump the mental training. I am here to help you and you're team fly and find the magic.

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