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At Peak Flow we use a combination of yoga, mindfulness, breathing practices and mental resilience skills to provide athletes and teams the tools they need to create peak balance, increase flexibility, prevent injury, build mental resilience and understand the importance of purposeful rest, so they don’t

just crush the competition, but also life off the field. 

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If you don’t work on your mental game, your athletic skills don't carry as much impact. It's no secret that elite athletes spend time training their mind. Your mind is your strongest muscle and if you don’t work on strengthening it, peak performance will always be out of reach. The mind drives your performance, but also your sense of self and the reality you create for yourself, so it is important to work on your mindset as if your game depends on it. 

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A lack of balance doesn’t just affect your performance on the field, but your academics, relationships, and personal life.

There is no separating who you are in a game, from who you are in your job, relationship or your classes. How you show up to practice is how you show up everywhere. If one part of your life is out of balance, it is going to impact the other areas of your life. This is why creating balance is a key factor in reaching peak performance.

About Us

Perform at a higher level and win more games: Learn how to be present and control your actions, because what you do NOW is the only way to influence the outcome of the game.

Learn how to become a better athlete in a way you won’t learn from practice or lifting in the gym: so you can become the athlete you didn’t even know you’re capable of becoming.

Gain skills that you can apply not just in sports, but every area of your life: so you don’t get that red card by arguing with the ref, but also don’t lose your shit in traffic.

Understand how a lack of body awareness and purposeful rest leads to injury and missed playing time: so you listen to your body when it tells you your pain is more than discomfort, get to the trainer, and avoid lost playing time.

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Without adopting mental resilience training, yoga and mindfulness, it’s not possible to reach peak performance

Yoga is the vehicle to connect the mind and body. Peak Performance can not exist when mind and body are out of alignment. Athletes who perform at the highest level understand the importance of being present and tuning out distractions. Incorporating these into an athlete’s training will help them reach the top of their game.

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It is frustrating when the countless hours you spend in the gym, watching film and on the practice field don’t consistently translate into wins on the field. It feels no matter how hard you work, there always seems to be a missing link that allows you to consistently perform at your highest level. It can cause you to feel burnt out, frustrated that your hard work isn’t paying off and you can even lose your passion for the game that has given you so much.


I get it. I grew up as a fierce competitor, and even though I had the talent and drive to set my sights on the Olympics, my mind and self-doubt prevented me from performing at my peak and letting my talent shine. I eventually walked away from a sport that I loved because I couldn’t get my mind right. This knowledge is what fuels my purpose today. I help athletes transform their story on and off the field by teaching them how training the mind will transform their athletic performance.  I believe that it doesn't matter how much talent you possess, if you don't train your brain you will not be able to reach peak performance. 


If you’re ready to learn how to live your best life on and off the field and learn my 5 simple steps to peak performance, tap the button below to get started.


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Client Testimonials

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“Our team has benefitted in so many ways from their weekly sessions with Lucinda!  She offers our athletes the opportunity to practice mindfulness amidst the chaos of college life, improve movement mechanics, and offers proven regenerative sessions so we can manage our college season successfully.  I am most impressed with how well Lucinda gauges the needs of the team as they may vary from week to week and adjusts the session to meet their expectations.  They really do enjoy and benefit from every yoga and mindfulness experience with Lucinda.  Above all, she genuinely cares about each of our students and has provided another supportive avenue for our college athletes to appreciate their journey with the women’s soccer program at the University of Rochester."

Sike Dardaganis

Former University of Rochester  Women’s Soccer Coach


"Because of yoga, I am able to recover much quickly from soreness and injury and I am able to perform at a level that I did not think was possible" 

University of Rochester

Football Player

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