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My Story

It feels no matter how hard you work, there always seems to be a missing link that allows you to consistently perform at your highest level. It can cause you to feel burnt out, frustrated that your hard work isn’t paying off and you can even lose your passion for the game that has given you so much.


I get it. I grew up as a fierce competitor, and even though I had the talent and drive to set my sights on the Olympics, my mind and self-doubt prevented me from performing at my peak and letting my talent shine. I eventually walked away from a sport that I loved because I couldn’t get my mind right. This knowledge is what fuels my purpose today. I help athletes transform their story on and off the field by teaching them how training the mind will transform their athletic performance.  I believe that it doesn't matter how much talent you possess, if you don't train your brain you will not be able to reach peak performance. 


If you’re ready to learn how to live your best life on and off the field and learn my 5 simple steps to peak performance, tap the button below to get started.

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